Version 1.34 – 03.02.2024

Resolved issue with access for image generation after adding protection for reverse engineering.

Version 1.32 – 26.01.2024

Bug fixing and Security improvements.

Version 1.30 – 25.01.2024

  1. Fixed bug with big file of initial image for editing was not processed.
  2. Changed user interface for result of editing images. Now you can see initial and generated image.

Version 1.20 – 18.01.2024

Improved quality of image editing

Version 1.00 – 13.01.2024

  1. Added editing images by text. Now you can upload your image and edit by prompt guide.
  2. Fixed bug with gallery when image is in loading state all the time.

Version 0.92 – 05.01.2024

Added possibility to rate or give a feedback from the application.

Version 0.91 – 23.12.2023

Improved image generation speed.

Version 0.9 – 6.12.2023

1. Added possibility to select the image Aspect Ratio.
2. Changes to the Ad behaviour to follow AdMob terms of usage.
3. Resolved bug with the Seed parameter – Fixed Seed do not work.
4. Minor fixes with translations.

Version 0.81 – 26.11.2023

Added Seed parameter for image generation. This parameter allows a user to create images more deterministically. The seed guides the image. Using the same seed as a previous image without changing other parameters will guide to reproduce the same image.

UI fixes.

Version 0.8 – 21.11.2023

Voice to Text functionality added to the prompt field.

Introducing a new parameter: “Guidance scale” – Higher values result in a stricter adherence to your prompt. The default value is 7, striking a balance between creative freedom and adherence to your direction.

Changelog is now accessible from the Info Screen.

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 0.61 – 15.11.2023

Fixed Paging Implementation. Improved performance. Gallery grid scrolls more smoothly and performs better.

Version 0.6 – 14.11.2023

Added Gallery that displays all the created images.
New parameters for image creation:

  • Negative prompt: Specify what you do not want to see in the image.
  • Enhance prompt switch: When activated, it adds extra words to the prompt to make the image look more interesting.